Catalog #7058

Supper Spindle Stage
The Supper Spindle Stage permits the measurement and examination of crystals.

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The Supper Spindle Stage permits the accomplishment of several useful measurements: examination of the overall shape of a crystal which has been mounted on a goniometer head; measurements of crystal shape for corrections for x-ray absorption; and measurement of crystal morphology relative to unit-cell edges for a previously oriented crystal.

The Spindle Stage consists of a horizontal rotation axis which is calibrated, equipped with a vernier, and which may be locked in a desired setting. The Spindle will accept any goniometer head with standard I.U.C. threads. There are provisions for translations of up to +- 1/8” normal to, and parallel to the axis of the stage, in addition to the orthogonal translations provided by the goniometer head.

The Spindle Stage may be mounted on the rotating stage of a petrographic microscope, and also may be placed under a binocular microscope.

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