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What We Do

Serving our specialized scientific community

Charles Supper Company designs, manufactures and distributes instruments and laboratory supplies for X-ray Crystallography and related fields of science.

We design, manufacture and market Supper Micro-Positioners, these instruments facilitate fine positioning for many applications in the medical, optical, electro-optical, laser, photographic, and related fields when micro-size, stability and fine adjustment are of prime importance;  Supper Goniometer Heads, used to hold  and position samples for x-ray crystallography and related fields of research;  Supper Spindle Stage to permit measurements and examination of the overall shape of crystals.  These instruments adhere to the ACA / IUC accepted standards, developed by Charles E. Supper.

We distribute and market thin walled capillary tubes used to hold and preserve samples for x-ray crystallography and related fields of science ( made of special glass, boron-rich and quartz ); the original Cryschem MVD/24 multi-chamber vapor diffusion plate used as a superior system for the growth of protein and other crystals; sealants and melting systems needed for both capillary tubes and crystal growth chambers.

We are constantly looking for new products to better serve our specialized scientific community. Please feel free to make suggestions for new products, that you are finding difficult to find or do not exist in the market at this time.

The Charles Supper Company has been offering quality instruments, accessories and laboratory supplies for x-ray crystallography for over sixty years.