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Charles Supper Company has been offering quality instruments, accessories and laboratory supplies for x-ray crystallography for over seventy years.  Founded in 1941 by Charles Supper, the company has continued to be a vital specialized business.

The Charles Supper Company has been active in developing several important avenues in crystallographic research from the commercial arena.  Many were commercially pioneered by Charles Supper Company.  The Buerger Precession Camera, Goniometer Heads, Double Mirror Focusing Optics, and various accessories for Cryo-Crystallography we first introduced commercially by Supper.

We have reintroduced some of our best selling products; due to customer requests.  The products now available are the Supper Spindle Stage, catalog number 7058, and the original Cryschem MVD/24 Multi-chamber Vapor Diffusion plates available ( for immediate delivery ) at a new lower price.

New Applications for 40mm Capillary Tubes, by Charles Supper Company Inc.

Journal of Synchrotron Radiation

Direct measurements of Stokes-Einstein diffusion of Cowpea mosaic virus with 19 µs-Resolved, XPCS.

Light Science & Applications

Robotic Pendant Drop: Containerless liquid for µs-Resolved, AI-Executable XPCS.

Affiliation with ACA Science Society - Charles Supper CompanyMember of MRS Materials Research Society - Charles Supper Company