The Charles Supper Company has the largest selection available of thin-walled capillary tubes. These New Quartz Capillary Tubes are Straight Tubes 40mm in Length. They are Open at the Top and Closed on the Bottom of the capillary tubes and do not have a funnel.

25 Tubes per package

Available in Outside Diameters of 1.0mm, 2.0mm, and ***4.0mm. *** Package of 5

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Special Glass (SG) - Boron-Rich (BG) - Quartz (QZ) - Quartz (SQZ) - Quartz (OQZ)
Quartz (40SQZ) - Quartz (40OQZ)

Manufactured to the highest standards for the Charles Supper Company.
Standard Glass Technical Features:

- Wall Thickness – 0.01mm
- Approximate Overall Length 40mm
- Drawn from Clear, Fresh, Properly Cleaned Glass
- Straight Tubes Open on the Top, Closed on the Bottom, No Funnel
- Supplied in non confusing, color coded glass packages containing 25 tubes
- Individual tubes are easily removed from glass package without fumbling and searching through the container

- Exclusively manufactured since 1972
- Over 60 sizes are available from our inventory, for immediate shipment.
- Special order capillary tubes can be manufactured and will be quoted upon your request and furnished specifications.
Linear Absorption Coefficiency for our Capillary Tubes

  Special Glass Boron-Rich Quartz
*CuKa Radiation 110.8 71.0 75.8
*MoKa Radiation 11.95 7.35 8.20
Softening Temp. 715ºC 820ºC 1730ºC
  1319ºF 1508ºF 3145ºF
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