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X-Y-Z Mounting Head
Charles Supper Company has been making Goniometer Heads for over half a century. The quality of design, workmanship and detail in these instruments is of the highest standards.

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Cat. #1601B and #1601P

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X-Y-Z Mounting Head Catalog #555

Supper X-Y-Z Mounting Heads are fine, precise and ultra-stable instruments for mounting crystallographic specimens. They are backlash free, yet move smoothly. All motions are fully lockable to guard against crystal slippage.

Our X-Y-Z Mounting Heads adhere to ACA / IUC standards and are compatible with the latest X-Ray Crystallography equipment.
X-Y-Z Mounting Head Specifications

  • Lowest height 40mm
  • Made of stainless steel and aluminum
  • Hardened steel drive screws
  • Smooth motions
  • Square socket adjusting wrench included
  • Over 312º clearance around crystal
  • Z travel 10mm
  • X-Y travel each axis .750
  • Uses standard 1/8”specimen mount pins
  • ACA / IUC standard fittings
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