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Standard Goniometer Head
Charles Supper Company has been making Goniometer Heads for over half a century. The quality of design, workmanship and detail in these instruments is of the highest standards.

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Standard Goniometer Head Catalog #501

Supper Goniometer Heads are fine, precise and ultra-stable instruments for mounting crystallographic specimens. They are backlash free, yet move smoothly. The arcs are centered to the crystal. All motions are fully lockable to guard against crystal slippage. Angular positioning is accomplished by use of recessed screw feeds to lead screws made of hardened stainless steel. The position of the arc is read to 5 minutes by means of a vernier.

Our Goniometer Heads adhere to ACA / IUC standards and are compatible with the latest X-Ray Crystallography equipment.
Standard Goniometer Head Specifications

  • 63.97mm height to center of arcs
  • Made of stainless steel and aluminum
  • Hardened steel drive screws
  • Smooth motions
  • Square socket adjusting wrench included
  • Over 290º clearance around crystal
  • X-Y travel each axis .750
  • Small arc travel +- 26º
  • Large arc travel +- 24º
  • 13mm height from top mount to center of arcs
  • Uses standard 1/8” specimen mount pins
  • ACA / IUC standard fittings
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